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Welcome to Royal Interiors

Royal Interiors – Luxury Furniture Singapore

Begin your journey of discovery into the iconic designs of the top European furniture makers.  Browse Royal Interiors haven of luxury furniture in Singapore, ready and waiting for your home or work space.

Royal Interiors have spent years cultivating relationships with the top European design houses to bring you furniture collections that are the absolute last word in modernist and contemporary style.

Do you find it difficult to source the right pieces for your home or work space?  Do you find one item you like but then have nothing to match it with?  Rather than being faced with trudging from shop to shop or scanning websites to find a piece you never see before you buy it, source your luxury furniture at Royal Interiors.

Begin your luxury furniture experience by browsing our website, it offers you:-

  • An unrivalled selection of quality European pieces handpicked for our showroom
  • The option to search by generic product or by an individual designer, bringing together all the pieces by that name
  • Up to date blogs and stories which feature specific items or designers which are currently trending
  • The chance to learn about our founder’s personal style journey which gave him the vision to create the best and only destination for luxury furniture in Singapore

The Royal Interiors showroom has acres of space housing handpicked collections of luxury furniture all ready for you to view in one location.

Royal Interiors – Luxury Furniture Singapore Showroom

Our huge showroom allows us to place our collections together, combining different pieces to create an instant design statement.  There is no need to source furniture and accessories from different outlets as we have everything you need under one roof.

Royal Interiors stated aim is to make the process of acquiring luxury furniture in Singapore a personal and tactile experience.  Browse the showroom with our friendly staff, touch and engage with the pieces and enjoy the guidance of people who have both knowledge and a real passion for interior design.

We can advise and recommend, guiding you to find the right items for your home or work place.  View our collections including pieces from famous names like Rolf Benz and Arne Jacobsen and many more European style gurus.

The crisp, minimalist look of the European designers is right in vogue.  Celebrating the iconic styles of yesteryear, these pieces are designed to be functional and practical but also aesthetically pleasing, a fusion of unashamed utilitarianism and unabashed style and elegance.  Never dating in either their use or visual appeal, you need look no further for your luxury furniture than Royal Interiors.

Our large showroom allows us to place pieces together to form collections, suggestions of how an interior could look in your home.  Our staff have an in-depth knowledge of the furniture and a passion which can guide you, changing and suggesting other items to create that unrivalled look that you thought you could never achieve.

Begin your personal relationship with our emporium of luxury furniture in Singapore and develop interiors in your home that you have always dreamed of with Royal Interiors.