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Add Look defines poetry, precision, subtlety, harmony, comfort. The classic sense of refinement, the incisive approach to design, the geometric accuracy of line and volume that come together to create an aura of welcome and ease: these are the motifs of Look Collection. Add Look and Be Look two different sofa systems with significant elements in common: gentle shapes and generous proportions, framed by a comfortable reclining backrest. Another shared element: great attention to detail—a precise cut, like that of a custom-tailored garment.

Add Look has an elegant lightness. With platforms available in two different depths—95 and 111 cm—it accentuates sensual enjoyment through a profusion of soft cushions.

Elegant, moderate in the proportions, timeless shapes par excellence. An everlasting classic with contemporary signs, is laying on metal chromed feet, distinguishing mark like jewels.

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