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Suresh Nandwani, Director, Royal Interiors

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“I want to transform the way people shop for furniture. I want to make it personal, customer focused and a truly pleasurable experience. My journey is just beginning.”

Suresh Nandwani is passionate about creating luxurious, stylish and comfortable spaces for people. He has an eye for good design and thrives on seeing how high-quality furniture and accessories can come together to entirely transform a space.

“I love to be part of the selection process and witness the way our pieces bring a space to life in a dramatically transformational way.”

His foray into high-end designer furniture started after his own disappointing personal journey with trying to purchase furniture in Singapore for his own home. Not only could he not find the appropriate furniture for his home, most of the things he liked had a three to six-month delivery time!

“I couldn’t find anything I truly liked. Yes, I am a bit of a design snob. The prices were unreasonably high for an average product and they clearly didn’t have ready stock.”

Suresh decided to take a dedicated furniture shopping journey to Milan to look for the right pieces for his house. Not only did he find exactly what he wanted for completing his own dream home, he decided to bring back some extra pieces for close friends to see if they liked his choices. The initial set of 20 pieces Suresh picked sold out within days. The rest, as they say, is history.

It has been a 15-year journey of selecting the right brands, building relationships with suppliers and understanding the requirements of Southeast Asian consumers for Royal Interiors to reach this stage—where it can offer such a great variety of furniture in ready stock.

“I am now in a space where I truly understand what my clients want. We are here to make your home decorating experience a smooth journey. No waiting for months for products that look different from what your saw in the showroom. No bumps, detours or exhausting days walking around looking for the right furniture at the right price. Just high-quality furniture at the right value. We will take you there.”

Suresh is now in the process of integrating elements of touchscreen technology and smart furniture shopping software into the furniture customisation process for clients.

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