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Eames Chair Singapore

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Eames Chair Singapore

Have you ever wondered why some furniture styles endure and never seem to date whilst others quickly fall out of fashion?  The Eames chair has remained an enduring icon of style and utilitarianism since its creation in the mid last century.  Come and view the Eames chair for yourself in Singapore at our extensive showroom.

The Eames chair is one of those pieces that just seems to draw the eye of the beholder.  Perhaps it is the sleek yet gentle curving lines and the luxurious leather seating.

The softly sculptured curves are highlighted by the beautiful patina of the wood; choose from cherry, walnut or Palisander rosewood. The Eames chair is a thing of beauty as well as an enduringly practical and comfortable piece of furniture.

Selecting the right piece of furniture for your interior says as much about who you are as well as filling a space in your home or work place.

Why is the Eames Chair considered to be the ultimate design statement?

Charles and Ray Eames based their iconic 1950s design on the earlier English club chair from the nineteenth century.  These chairs were opulent, the height of luxury.

The irony is that these furniture makers were known for their remit of mass producing affordable furniture.  However, this chair was designed to be different.  It was always intended for the high-end market.

Despite this, the makers’ vision was that the chair was also warm, comfortable and practical, a piece to be used rather than looked at.  The Eames chair has remained and continues to be a retro design classic, its significance recognised by its inclusion in the permanent collections in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The Eames Chair is constructed from:-

  • Seven layers of plywood which are finished with one of four wood veneers hand polished to produce an oiled finished or there is a lacquered alternative
  • 100% leather seating with a natural full grain which gains a rich patina over time and is already creased and gently wrinkled to endorse that statement of inviting comfort
  • Ever practical, the cushions are individually upholstered so they can easily be replaced as separate items rather than the chair requiring a full re-upholster
  • The metal parts of the base are constructed from die-cast aluminium and the stainless steel glides are adjustable
  • The base of the chair has a built-in swivel mechanism

What is the Ottoman for?

Eames Chair

The Eames chair is designed so that the seat is permanently tilted to take the weight from the lower back.  The lower cushion specifically supports the lower spine but the chair is angled so you can read, chat or watch TV in comfort.

Charles and Ray Eames thought of everything when they created the Ottoman to partner with the chair.  Lifting the feet off the floor provides the ultimate relaxation for the body and helps maintain good blood circulation.

So here you have a chair that is robust, practical and effortlessly stylish, where can you put it in your home?

The Eames chair looks perfectly at home in so many locations.  A large open plan living space is the perfect interior to showcase this piece.  This is the ultimate design statement in a crisp, contemporary setting or on a covered terrace or balcony.

The Eames chair creates a warm, comforting look against an uber modernist backdrop of glass and chrome.  The soft lines sit well with other furniture of the time which is often more angular and minimalist.

The choice of wood finishes makes this chair really versatile accommodating lots of different interior decorative schemes.  The leather combined with the range of wood finishes and colours provides the ultimate range of versatility for different design styles.

The Eames chair retains a vibe that is just a little bit retro office and sits comfortably in a modern work space just as it will within your home.  Home working is not all about sitting at a desk and the Eames chair is a relaxing stylish alternative for reading documents or working on a tablet.

Find your Eames Chair

If you want a chair that is truly aesthetically pleasing, both a practical, comfortable and usable piece in your home yet an icon of twentieth-century design, then the Eames chair

combines all of these in spades.

Our website will allow you to view the Eames chair.  Take a look at it and browse some of our other collections to see what might complement this design classic.

We have listed it as one of our top ten iconic furniture pieces for your home. There are lots of other ideas to really get your creative mind working with exciting suggestions for your interiors.

Visit our showroom where we showcase the Eames chair in a variety of different backdrops so you can really appreciate its versatility.  It is an eye-catching piece and you will want to experience the comfort on offer by touching it and of course, taking a seat.

In the flesh, you can appreciate the beautiful lines of the chair and the rich colours and patina of the wood.

Our helpful staff can talk to you about your plans for your home.  Using their wealth of experience, they can guide you and suggest different ways to showcase this design classic whatever your interior.

We have other stylish pieces to complement an Eames chair with plenty on offer to choose from.  The showroom makes it easy to blend furniture together using accessories such as lighting to optimise the quality of the pieces.

For your Eames chair in Singapore, visit the only destination for this and all of your furnishing needs www.royalinteriors.com.sg. The Eames chair will be an enduring classic in your home for years to come as well as a piece of furniture you will be just so reluctant to get up from. Visit our Singapore showroom to view the Eames Chair now.